An intro to me ~ Livs

I am currently a student at Falmouth university studying a degree in Drawing. When I tell people this they always say “Oh, so Fine Art” or “Oh, so illustration”. Nope, it is a degree in purely drawing. I was born in Exeter but my family moved to Cornwall when I was seven and have lived here ever since, though I left home and moved to another part of Cornwall for university. Don’t get me wrong, Cornwall is beautiful and I have enjoyed living here, but my plan is to move to a city eventually so that I can experience a different (faster) way of life. An ambition of mine is to one day own a lot of furniture from places such as and Willow and Stone. This may seem silly, but since I was young I have wanted a beautifully decked out house. I am currently eyeing up this beauty. Made even do a range called JONAH, which I think is very fitting. I like shopping and ordering way too many clothes online, drinking long island iced teas and singing: but only in my room – unless I’m drunk at karaoke. The majority of the clothes in my wardrobe are black, spiked occasionally with colour, I prefer winter to summer and trainers to heels.


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