An intro to me ~ Jonah

I am an English and Creative Writing student at Falmouth University. I was born in London and lived there until I was eighteen, at which point I moved down to Falmouth in search of further education and a more relaxed lifestyle – whilst also returning to old family roots. Whilst I do miss London: where everything is so accessible and there are so many amazing cultures and experiences, it just doesn’t compare to Cornwall. Here I have the Cornish beaches and countryside at my disposal – which never closes and doesn’t cost a penny! Falmouth provides the perfect setting for my life right now, with the liberalness of London (well, with exception of the massive VOTE UKIP sign outside of the Falmouth Trago), whilst it also has the laid-backness of Cornwall, there is no rush to do anything, it feels like I can just slow down and enjoy my life rather than exist in one big urban blur. Enough things go on that life isn’t boring, whilst little enough happens that I savour and cherish everything that does happen. This style of life helps me to enjoy the smaller aspects of life. I like my coffee black, the sea cold, walking, good food, excuses to wear coats and the occasional miserable Cornish weather; this allows me to put on a coat, walk down to the beach, where I can stand and watch the cascading cold sea roll up the beach whilst I slowly get soaked and chilled through, which then lets me warm up in truly hyggelig fashion, with a black coffee and a good solid meal. (Sorry, I have to indulge my hopeless romantic writing a little or else it starts to surface in unwanted places in my normal writing.) Among my other favourite things¬†are: charity shops, car-boot sales, vintage shops (so hip), my beautiful hi-fi system and vinyl collection (even more hip, right?), dark ales and cord trousers (just went off the hipness scale with that one).


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