Cornwall’s alright really

Throughout my 12 years of living in Cornwall I have, admittedly, spent an awful lot of time slating it for its lack of anything I enjoyed. I have always longed for the day I could escape the little bubble and move to a city or anywhere that I could easily get to decent shops. In my second year of college I had to start thinking about which University I wanted to attend and which course I wanted to study. I saw this as my chance. My escape route out of Cornwall. I started looking at illustration courses and travelled to Portsmouth to attend an open day. I loved the buzz, the tall buildings and the amount of people there were. My only problem was the course. It didn’t jump out at me like I expected it to. At this point in my education I wasn’t 100% sure what it was I wanted to do, but illustration seemed the closest thing to perfect that I could find. I was then told by a tutor that Falmouth University offered a degree in purely Drawing. I remember thinking this would be perfect if only the location were different. I decided to attend an open day anyway, seeing as it was close to home and easily accessible. I walked out of the course talk with a massive smile on my face and straight away texted my parents to tell them how perfect it was. How everything that was said sounded exactly right.

Drawing. Drawing all the time. For three years.

But Cornwall still.

I ended up applying for illustration in Portsmouth, Norwich and Plymouth and Drawing in Falmouth. I was secretly hoping I would get turned down by everywhere but Falmouth and would just have to go there but guess what? No such luck. I got conditional offers everywhere so had to make the choice.

Life doesn’t just work itself out for you, it’s not always helpful like that. Sometimes you have to substitute one good thing for another. so that’s what I did. I substituted moving out of Cornwall, for the perfect course that I knew I would enjoy the most and get the most out of.  And you know what? I’m so glad I did. I ended up meeting wonderful people and experiencing more of Cornwall and learning to love parts of it, even if I don’t like to admit it too often. I found that exploring cornwall with friends who had never done so was great fun. They wanted to go and explore the cliffs and beaches and the little hidden gems.

Sometimes sacrifices pay off.

Cornwall is a beautiful, beautiful place and I am lucky to live here. The mixture of beaches, countryside and quaint towns and villages makes it a really unique place to live in. Even if I do end up in a city eventually, Cornwall will always have a place in my heart full of memories and the amazing sites that I have seen. After all, I am only 20, hopefully I still have lot of life to live.




  1. danielle · June 11, 2015

    it’s nice that you’re enjoying it now, we seem to always feel that way about the place we live don’t we?


    • Honest · June 12, 2015

      Definitely! I think there will always be parts of where you live that you don’t like, even if it’s the place you have always dreamed of living, and parts that you love.


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