Money Problems.

I am rubbish with money. There it is. I’ve admitted it. I am rubbish. I started this semester with a plan. I sat for a good few hours and wrote out a budget, I worked out how many weeks I had to live through until my next student loan came in, worked out how much my phone contract, rent and various other things would cost all together and even decided how much per week i would allow myself to spend. I was prepared. the most prepared and determined I have been for a long time.

I don’t know what happened?!

Actually I do and i’m ashamed of my self. slightly embarrased actually. After boasting about how organised I had been and how I was going to be able to go through the whole of the last term of uni and the whole of summer, for once, without working (which let me tell you, is incredibly needed) to my parents and various other people, I messed up. I spent too much money and now I am freaking out slightly and frantically hunting for jobs. Which is not an easy thing in Cornwall when you don’t drive and can’t afford to learn (poor student problems).

Let me tell you people, being a student is not easy. Yes we get given money to live off and no we don’t have to work a 9-5 job to get said money, but it disappears quite easily. After the important weekly shops, rent and for me art supplies, you have slightly less important things like needing new clothes and going out to socialise so you don’t look like a complete looser, or memberships to places like gyms or swimming pools to keep fit. But then you get temptation! And I honestly put my hands up and tell you all that I am THE worst for temptation. I like to buy new clothes even when I don’t need them (especially from little vintage shops,) I love cosmetics and can always find a reason to “need” something new. Jonah and I are also keen on eating out or ordering take away every now and then. Falmouth is full of restaurants, pretty amazing ones at that and when they put on deals and we don’t want to cook/can’t be bothered to cook, they seem like the perfect thing. Everything mounts up though and before you know it, you’ve bought new clothes a new lipstick to go with the new clothes and are going out for dinner and your money is gone.

I hate having a little card with all my money on it. It makes it so easy to just buy things. You never actually see the money and I don’t know about you, but I just sort of forget that I’m spending. it’s just so easy to pass over your card and type the 4 digit code. I know I’m just using this as an excuse and I could quite easily take out the money for the week on a Monday and leave my card at home, but for some unknown reason I don’t.

My biggest inspiration for saving money is my best friend. She can just do it. So I will soon be seeking her advise and my new-university-years resolution is to save money. So expect a good few more posts on money and how I’m getting on with it and the job hunt.



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