When I was little my Grandad had a special chair that moved up and down to help him get in and out of it. I was only 5 when he died so I’m not completely sure that I remember it, or just know it because of photos I have seen with it in. But either way, when I think of my childhood and my Grandad it is something I always think about.

In the film UP, chairs are used to symbolise Carl and Ellie. When Ellie dies Carl keeps her chair, he has an emotional attachment to it as it is where she sat, so no doubt reminds him of her. As the film goes on the chair is featured repeatedly until eventually he has to leave both his and Ellie’s chairs behind to decrease the weight of the house. I love that he leaves both chairs behind in the position in which they were always in, as a way of not leaving Ellie on her own.


And also in the film Juno the chair they have sex in is shown at the beginning, and the new chair for the babies nursery is shown at the end of the film to signify that her time with her baby is over, and also all throughout the film the first chair is shown repeatedly.

juno chair 2 

Chairs are important. They hold memories and they are personal, everyone searches for the perfect chair when buying one. That is exactly what I am doing. In September I am moving in to a studio apartment on my own for my final year of University. It has a kitchen, bathroom, bed, desk and wardrobe that come with the room, which is great. All i need now is somewhere to sit! Somewhere comfortable where I can curl up and read or write or just sit and watch things on my laptop. I have a few specifications when looking, for instance: I want a reasonably high backed chair, arms and it has to be a nice colour, preferably a dark grey colour or something similar. But hey, who knows I might fall in love with a bright red low backed chair with no arms. I have been looking all over the place: online, in charity shops and vintage shops. I don’t have a massive budget but I am set on finding THE chair!

I thought I would share with you a few of my favourites so far, incase you are looking for a chair too or just fall in love with one of them and just have to buy it!

If you have read my post- An intro to me ~ Livs you may have seen my link to this chair already but I will show you again because I love it!



This chair in Urban Grey is my dream chair! It is the perfect size, the perfect colour and so beautiful. is great because everything is made to order. No one will have exactly the same chair as me! it may look the same but it won’t have been made in bulk which is a feature that I love. It is currently £299 which is expensive for a student but the way I see it, is that it will last. It won’t just be for one year, it could last you a lifetime. And think of the memories you’ll have with it.



As you can see these chairs do not have arms but I still really like them. They are also from and are a little more expensive at £449. I like this chair because I can just imagine myself sitting in it all cosy with a blanket and my laptop watching something on BBC iPlayer (Casualty) oh and they also look super comfy.

The whole getting a nice new chair dream seems like it will only ever be a dream at the moment as I have no money, but hey, a girl can dream.

If I do ever get a chair I will more than likely write a new post about it.



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