Chair update.

After a long time searching, pondering and worrying about money I finally did it! I bought a chair. The chair i had been dreaming about but better. It is from and is so beautiful and so me. I am in love.

So here it is:

its called the KUBRICK and is a wing back chair.


I got it in Anthracite grey but it does come in other colours. It fits perfectly in the corner of my new room and goes with my brightly coloured cushions and throws. i wanted a big chair because i like sitting crossed legged in chairs and i have quite long legs so this is sometimes a problem in smaller chairs.

I was incredibly close to buying a different chair but this one was suddenly put into one of mades 24 hour sales and I just knew it was right. Even in the sale it was expensive for my student budget but i have ended up getting it partly as early 21st birthday presents from my parents and my nan.


(excuse the shabby picture. My parents are borrowing my camera for their holiday)

The chair is super comfortable and really good quality material has been used to upholster it. I am so happy i chose to get a chair from and am constantly searching their website for more furniture that i really cannot afford, but hey, a girl can dream right?

Livs x


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