New place.

I have moved.

I now live on my own in a beautiful studio apartment and the best part is I now live only a few doors away from my two best friends! I chose to live alone in 3rd year because I wanted to focus on my work and be able to do my own thing in my own place. I have a kitchen and bathroom to myself, which is luxury.




As you can see the walls are all white and clean so décor wise I have stuck to monochrome but added small bursts of colour here and there. I brought along my Ikea EXPEDIT bookshelf, which so many people appear to have, and of course my new chair… YES! I bought my new chair.

I lived here for a few months now and I’m really liking it but it is strange living on my own after living with 5 other people last year and Jonah all summer. Obviously I still see people but its weird not seeing anyone in the kitchen and having chats and dinners together. I am on the ground floor of the block so i get a little porch area that leads onto grass where we have sat as a group a few times drinking coffee. There is also a common room on the top floor with tv’s sofas tables and an amazing view over the docks, the sea and falmouth.

Livs x


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