The Beauty of Music

I’m sat in Cafe Nero in Falmouth listening to Ludovico Einaudi – Giorni on Youtube. I got my usual fruit booster (orange and raspberry) and placed myself on a stool by the window. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I have decided to sit inside a coffee shop and write. I recently watched Begin Again. It’s not my favourite film but there is one part that keeps reappearing in my head. In the film a drunk music executive (Mark Ruffalo) meets a young songwriter (Kiera Knightley) after her friend invites her onstage at an open mic night to perform. The film goes on and he helps her produce an album with no studio and no money, all the songs are recorded with musicians they have found, willing to help them out for free and recorded on the streets or on rooftops and various other places around Manhattan. In one scene (my favourite part of the film) they walk through the city listening to music together through a headphone splitter, just how Dan (music executive) did on his first date with his wife. They go and sit and this quote is said:

“Dan: That’s what I love about music.
Gretta: What?
Dan: One of the most banal scenes is suddenly invested… with so much meaning. All these banalities. They’re suddenly turned into these… these beautiful, effervescent pearls. From music.”

This is how I am feeling sat in a coffee shop staring out the window listening to music. Watching the world go by. Watching people walk along. Every one of them different in one way or another. Different lives, different hair, body shapes, thoughts and feelings, the list could go on. And I add music to this scene and suddenly it becomes beautiful. A scene I could spend all day watching. The elderly couple holding hands as they walk slowly down the road, the woman with the pink trainers running first one way then the other shortly after, the guys sat outside the window drinking their coffee in their denim jackets, the girl in the red bandana, the man with the guitar on his back and the kids in their school uniforms. All living their lives all oblivious to the fact that they are living to my music, oblivious to the fact that they are part of my show, my effervescent pearls.

Music has so much power. It can alter your mood and stick in your head for days. Everyone has certain songs they can’t listen to because they are reminded of something they would prefer not to think about too often and their favourite song they would listen to all the time if they could. Music is used amazingly in films to build tension, show romance, loss and danger. Gladiator is just one example of this. Peoples ability to write breathtaking music is something I am so envious of. I studied music in secondary school but could never write anything good and was too lacking in confidence to perform. If i could give any advise to myself at that age it would be to forget what people think of you, chances are their opinions will be better than you imagine so just go for it and sing like you do in the shower!



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